Verification of Certification

**Notice about BCCI Certification**

APC/BCCI issues two types of certification verification.

  1. Ratification Letters– These letters are issued to those candidates that have earned a new status of certification including Provisional, Associate, Board, and specialty certification.  These letters are proof of the chaplain’s certification status.
  2. Verification of Certification Letters– These letters are issued at the request of the chaplain or by request of the chaplain’s employer.  These letters verify that the chaplain is certified and in good standing with APC and/or BCCI.

Certification Certificates are not an accurate verification of certification because they are not issued annually. Some Human Resource Departments have incorrectly identified BCCI Certificates to be equal to government issued licenses, however certificates are intended to be for ceremonial and display purposes only. A BCCI certificate only confirms that the chaplain was recognized as certified by BCCI on the date the certificate was issued.

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