Military Specialty Certification

Chaplains are the only professionals serving in the military services without a common professional standard provided for their evaluation and growth by an independent nationwide civilian or government organization. This is the genesis and the rational for the Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) designation being considered as the entry level professional standard for military chaplains and that Military Specialty (BCC-MC) be used as the first advanced professional standard for military chaplains.  

This BCC-MC proposal does not suggest that those chaplains who gain such qualification are the only ones permitted to serve in the military. Rather, these are optional standards which are available for individual chaplains to pursue.  

The BCC-MC specialty credential is comparable to the advanced credentials of other professional military officers, such as physicians, attorneys, nurses, etc. At the entry level, other military professionals are certified for practice in their vocational specialty by independent civilian professional organizations and/or state examining boards. This certification is a general certification for the profession and not specific to military service. This qualification for military chaplains would be the BCC – the entry level professional qualification which applies to all professional chaplains regardless of the venue of ministry – similar to passing state boards to become an RN or the state bar to become a lawyer. At this level, all professionals are accountable to their vocation specific organizations, outside of the military, which have established standards and certifications for their practitioners.  

After gaining basic professional qualifications, other professions provide for various specialty certifications. After physicians have demonstrated a mastery of medical knowledge and skills through written, practical, or simulator-based testing to become medical practitioners, they may then be board certified in a medical specialty – orthopedics, internist, family practice, etc. These specialties are also recognized by the independent certifying organization that maintains a common standard for all in the field.

Board Certified Chaplains interested in the specialty BCC-MC certification will find all requirements, guidelines, and forms by clicking the appropriate links below.