Maintenance of Certification Fees

All certified chaplains must meet maintenance of certification requirements to retain their certification with BCCI. These requirements include payment of annual maintenance of certification fees. APC members who are current with their APC dues receive reduced rates on BCCI maintenance of certification fees. (click here for instructions on how to pay APC dues)

BCCI maintenance of certification fees are as follows:

Certification TypeAPC  MemberNon-Member
Board Certified Chaplain
Provisional Board Certified Chaplain
Associate Certified Chaplain
Provisional Associate Certified Chaplain
Retired Certified Chaplains w/ BCCI

Note for APC Members certified with BCCI: please be aware that if you pay your annual BCCI Fee at the APC member rate, but do not renew/pay your APC Dues, you will be charged the balance of the non-member rate for your BCCI Fees ($205.00). Failure to pay either the APC Membership Dues or the non-member BCCI fee will result in the lapsing of your BCCI Certification and you will not be eligible a renewal next fiscal year. To remain in good standing, please pay both your APC Membership Dues ($142.00) and your BCCI Annual Fee ($235.00) or pay the BCCI Annual fee at the non-member rate ($440.00)

Due to IRS regulations, APC and BCCI must keep separate financial records. Failure to keep accurate separate financials could cause APC and BCCI to loose our status as non-profit organizations.

To access the certification portal or to pay your BCCI fees, please click the button below.

For Advanced Certification Fee information, click here.

Maintenance of certification fees are invoiced and made available for payment online annually in October.