Retired Life Member Status Request Form

All board certified or associate chaplains in the Association of Professional Chaplains whose membership is in good standing and who are retired from professional chaplaincy may request retired life member status. Retired life member status applies to those who have substantially retired from the profession of chaplaincy and who work no more than 50% of the time within a year in professional compensated chaplaincy. Certification or status with BCCI does not change, hence the use of the terms “Retired Board Certified Chaplain” and “Retired Associate Certified Chaplain.”

Once a life member, your dues are paid for life and your membership entitles you to all the regular benefits of membership. But more importantly, your retired life membership supports the ongoing work of APC, symbolizing your commitment to shaping the future of professional chaplaincy and the goals of APC throughout your retirement.

Note: Maintenance of BCCI Certification fees, annual continuing education reports, five-year peer reviews and five-year spiritual/faith group endorsements are NOT required of retired board certified chaplains or retired associate certified chaplains.

Retired life memberships may be pledged and paid over a period of one year. The designation will be established upon receiving the full $1,000.

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This form is to verify my retirement from full-time ministry and my desire to become an associate chaplain retired life member or board certified chaplain retired life member in APC with full rights and privileges.

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If paying by credit card, APC staff will be in touch to receive payment information. If paying by check, please make payable to Association of Professional Chaplains and mail to:

Association of Professional Chaplains

2800 W. Higgins Rd., Suite 295

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