The Association of Professional Chaplains is committed to qualifications and competencies for professional practice and ethical conduct. These qualifications and competencies support and promote excellent chaplaincy care of individuals, families, staff, organizations and communities.

Common Qualifications and Competencies

Together with its organizational partners, APC has established Common Qualfications and Competencies for Professional Chaplaincy. Chaplains must demonstrate that they meet these standards for professional knowledge and skills to become certified through APC’s affiliate, the Board of Chaplaincy Certification, Inc. (BCCI).

Professional Ethics

APC is dedicated to high standards of professional conduct. Each certified chaplain must adhere to the APC Code of Ethics. Foundational to the code is commitment to accountability for ethical behavior by professional chaplains. The people served by certified chaplains can expect interactions based upon the standards of the APC Code of Ethics.

Standards of Practice for Professional Chaplains

Working with its organizational partners, APC has established Standards of Practice for Professional Chaplains. These standards are authoritative statements describing the responsibilities for which chaplains are accountable. They provide direction for professional practice and a framework for the evaluation of practice. They are also meant to assist the public, related professions and regulatory bodies with understanding the practice of professional chaplaincy.