Dues Payment Instructions

A video format of these instructions is available below.

The renewal cycle for APC dues and BCCI Fees has opened and we have included this page to help you navigate the process for renewing your APC Membership and/or your BCCI Certification.

APC Members receive a discount on their BCCI fees, so please be aware that if you are a certified chaplain and an APC member, you will have two separate invoices to pay (one in your APC Profile and one in your BCCI Certification Portal). Please follow the instructions below, or reach out to APC by email for assistances.

Paying your APC Dues

  1. Log into your APC profile from the APC homepage. Once you have successfully logged in, click on “My Profile” in the top right corner of the screen.
  1. While in your profile (a page with your name in bold, black letters), scroll down and click on “My Account” to view, print, or pay your APC Dues.
  1. To pay your invoice click on the Pay button – see screenshot below. To view, print, or save your invoice, click on the Invoice #.
Video instructions for paying APC dues

Paying BCCI Fees

Click here to view instructions for paying your BCCI Maintenance of Certification Fees and accessing the Certification Portal