Think About It Some More: Volunteering for APC

by Rev. John Simon MDiv MTS BCC I want to tell you a story. A personal story. My story of what led to my 12 years as a member of […]

A Legacy of Resilience: Navigating Black History through Generations

by Rev. Inetta A. ReddellAPC President-elect In the heart of Chicago, a city pulsating with the rhythm of hope and resilience, my grandfather, Reverend William Lee Lambert, stood as a towering […]

The Mattering Assessment Tool: M=C4

by Mark LaRocca-Pitts, PhD, BCC In research related to existential interventions, the concept of “mattering” is becoming increasingly important. Mattering is fundamental to who we are as humans. Everyone wants […]

2023 APC President’s Address

APC President’s Addressby Rev. John Simon MDiv, MTS, BCC The following is the text of APC President, John Simon’s remarks delivered to the attendees of the Grand Banquet at the […]

Proposed Legislation Regarding Chaplains in Schools

The Association of Professional Chaplains and the Board of Chaplaincy Certification, Inc. are aware of recent legislation that would allow for the employment of chaplains in public schools (Texas Senate Bill […]

What HCPCS Codes Mean for Chaplains

Since April of 2014 APC along with other chaplaincy groups have sought to add or extend codes for chaplaincy related services to one of the major healthcare coding systems in […]