Proposed Legislation Regarding Chaplains in Schools

The Association of Professional Chaplains and the Board of Chaplaincy Certification, Inc. are aware of recent legislation that would allow for the employment of chaplains in public schools (Texas Senate Bill 763, and Oklahoma Senate Bill 968).  These pieces of legislation seek to place chaplains in roles outside the scope of chaplaincy and spiritual care.

APC and BCCI continue to support and promote the value of employing professional chaplains in a variety of settings beyond healthcare, provided that the chaplains meet the appropriate education and training needed for the position, and the chaplains adhere to appropriate ethical standards and conform to established professional standards.

Members and certified chaplains with APC/BCCI are required to adhere to the association’s established Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards as part of their membership and/or certification status.  These rigorous standards have been enacted to help ensure that care recipients receive high quality and inclusive spiritual care.  These standards do not reflect professional work or responsibilities outside the scope of professional chaplaincy.

If you would like to contact your elected officials to voice your interest or concern regarding these, or any legislation, we encourage you to visit to find contact information for your elected representatives.