Assessment Process for Military Specialty Certification

  1. Applicant submits all materials to the BCCI office, which reviews them for completeness.
  2. Applicant submits application fee for specialty certification along with the materials.  
  3. Due to the advanced chaplaincy practice, the BCC-MC Certification Committee reviews the application for completeness and integration of content.
    1. If the application is incomplete upon this review, materials and fees will be returned to the applicant with notation of the missing components.
    2. If the application is complete upon this review, the applicant is contacted to set up a certification interview, by phone or video conference, at least three chaplains already designated as BCC-MC (the committee may also include experienced BCC 05 and above military chaplains until there are enough BCC-MCs for a full committee) and an active/reserve/retired military commander.
  4. The certification interview will last approximately one hour. 
  5. The certification committee will deliberate its recommendation and notify the applicant of its recommendation. The BCCI office will also notify the applicant in writing upon final approval.  
  6. The certification committee’s recommendation will be sent to the BCCI Commission on Certification for ratification, which will be submitted for approval at the next Board of Directors meeting.