Life Membership

Demonstrate your commitment to professional chaplaincy through APC life membership. Your life membership supports the mission of APC, and your dues are paid for life.

The Chance of a Lifetime: Retired Life Membership

For our retired members, the Association of Professional Chaplains offers a unique category of membership – Retired Life Member.

Over the years your membership in APC (and its predecessor organizations, the College of Chaplains and the Association of Mental Health Clergy) has been of tremendous value. Throughout your career, membership in your professional association brought you close friendships with colleagues, quality continuing education and creative professional resources. You have literally watched the face of chaplaincy change throughout the years.

Once a retired life member, your dues are paid for life, and you are entitled to all the regular benefits of membership. More importantly, your retired life membership supports the ongoing work of APC, symbolizing your commitment to shaping the future of professional chaplaincy and the goals of APC throughout your retirement.

The retired life membership fee of $1,000 may be pledged and paid over a period of one year.

Institutional Life Membership: An Opportunity to Honor Retiring Chaplains

A membership category for retired chaplains now offers places of employment the opportunity to honor retiring members, who are board certified or associate chaplains, with an Institutional Life Membership. A $1,500 APC retired life membership paid by the institution honors the member’s contributions to the institution through professional chaplaincy and gives them continuing professional membership for life, with all membership rights and services.

Commemorative certificates are provided to the member and the honoring institution. This important contribution signifies an institution’s commitment to the provision of chaplaincy care, and encourages members to continue their affiliation and participation with the association during retirement. Institutional life memberships will help build funds to create greater opportunities for APC to carry out its mission. Further, it enhances the association’s well-being through the influence of each member’s professional gifts, skills and experiences.

To honor a colleague or a chaplain employed in your institution, or to suggest a potential honoree from your community, please contact the national office at 847.240.1014.